Message from the Vice President

Spring 2012

Dear colleagues:

It is with pleasure that I write this letter to greet the membership and provide an update a few weeks prior to the AERA meeting in Vancouver. First, however, I want to thank my predecessor as Division G Vice President, Alfredo Artiles (ASU) for his helpful orientation and sage advice in helping me assume my duties. He is most definitely a hard act to follow; he led the Division with great skill and vision. By the way, don’t miss Alfredo’s Division G Vice Presidential Address, “Intersectionality in Outlaw Ontologies: An Interdisciplinary Critique of Research on the Racialization of Disability,” on Monday, April 16th at Vancouver Convention Center, 2nd Level: West Room 202&203.

I assume that you have all by now at least perused the program for the Vancouver meetings. As you know, assembling the program is a laborious and often thankless task. I therefore want to convey my thanks and gratitude to Richard Ruiz (U. of Arizona) for acting as the Division G Program Chair, and for assembling an outstanding and industrious group of colleagues to form part of the selection committee. In a separate and forthcoming note, Richard will summarize the selection process and list the names of colleagues who comprised the committee. Given his deft handling of this difficult task, I have invited Richard to chair next years selection committee as well (proving that no good deed goes unpunished); he has gracefully accepted, providing the Division with important leadership and continuity with the all-important selection process. When he calls you to consider “volunteering” to serve on next year’s selection committee, please agree to do so.

I also want to thank the colleagues who agreed to chair the Division G Award Committees. Their names are as follows: Maria Tórres-Guzmán (Teachers College; Dissertation Award); Marjorie Faulstich-Orellana (UCLA; Early Career Award); Joel Dworin (UT, El Paso; Mentoring Award); María de la Luz Reyes (U. of Colorado; Henry Trueba Award) and Bill Trent (U. of Illinois; Lifetime Achievement Award). In a separate note in the listverv, I will post additional information on the selection of a group of most worthy awardees. But don’t forget that there will also be a public ceremony to present the awards at the Division G Business Meeting, to be held Saturday, April 14, from 6:15pm to 7:45pm at the Vancouver Convention Center 1st level/West Room 114 &115. Please encourage your colleagues to attend the meeting and celebrate with the award winners.

There will also be a special invited presentation at the Business Meeting, the Advances in Social Contexts of Education Interdisciplinary Scholarship Lecture, “Identity, Investment, and Multilingual Literacy,” by Prof. Bonny Norton, a renowned scholar from the University of British Columbia. After her talk, we have allocated some time for questions and discussion with Prof. Norton.

Following the Business Meeting, you are cordially invited to attend the Division G & Division K Joint Reception, from 8:30 to 10:30pm at the Vancouver Convention Center, Floor First Level: West Ballroom B.

More news will follow soon via the listserv and other media. You can also download a handy summary of all Division G activities. Look forward to seeing you in Vancouver!

Luis C. Moll
VP Division G

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