Call for Qualitative Research Papers

La educación en México y Latinoamérica/ Education in Mexico and Latin America:

Extending Understanding of Educational Issues for the Region

The International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education (QSE) invites qualitative researchers in Mexico and Latin America to submit research manuscripts for publication consideration. This call for papers is for a special issue focused on qualitative research on education in Mexico and Latin America. The focus on education is broad and flexible enough to encompass work in a range of disciplines. Of particular interest are papers with a focus on:

• The regionalization of educational practices
• The benefits and challenges of centralized vs. decentralized processes
• Atypical/new migration patterns and their impact on education
• The application of innovative qualitative methodologies or the utilization of methodologies with non-traditional paradigms
• The effect of changing US or Latin American policy contexts on educational mobility
• International education in Mexico and Latin America
• The experience of US students in Mexican higher education and vice-versa
• Equality and inequality in education
• Contemporary higher education changes and trends in Mexico and Latin America
• Teacher training (preparatory or in-service)

Although the focus is on empirical research and on qualitative methods, we will also consider manuscripts that have a more theoretical or conceptual orientation.

The special issue will be peer reviewed and overseen by three guest editors. Guest Co-Editors from the United States are Dr. Maricela Oliva (University of Texas San Antonio) and Dr. Harriett Romo (University of Texas San Antonio). The Guest Co-Editor from Latina America is Dr. Victor Aurelio Zuñiga (University of Monterrey). Papers and abstracts are preferred in English and must use the American Psychological Association (6th edition) format for citations and references. Paper length should be no more than 30 double-spaced pages, including notes, tables, and references. Manuscripts in excess of 30 pages and final manuscripts for which there is not sufficient space may be referred to the main QSE Editors for general consideration.

See for a more detailed copy of the call. After reviewing the call, authors with questions may also contact Co-Editors Maricela Oliva (, Harriett Romo ( or Victor A. Zuñiga ( Please note that a 3-5 page paper prospectus is due May 15, 2012, for preliminary editorial feedback, although the full paper is not due until October 15, 2012.

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