Division G AERA 2013 Highlights

AERA 2013


Division G Session Highlights

This year, Division G put together an exciting program of sessions and off-site activities. The list below is a small sample of the opportunities we have offered our members and AERA in general. We thank this year’s Division G Program Committee, chaired by Richard Ruiz (University of Arizona), for their excellent work: Kevin Roxas (University of Wyoming), Laura Roy (Pennsylvania State University), Peggy Placier (University of Missouri), Sarah Diem (University of Missouri), Howard Smith (University of Texas-San Antonio), Janelle Johnson  (Metropolitan State University), Kevin Carroll (University of Puerto Rico), Kathleen King Thorius (Indiana University-Purdue University), Federico Waitoller (University of Illinois-Chicago), and Mary Carol Combs (University of Arizona).

We also thank the colleagues who have organized two Division G Pre-conference Workshops (free of charge), on social network analysis software and on GIS as a research tool: Cecilia Ríos-Aguilar (Claremont Graduate University), Manuel González Canché (University of Georgia); Verónica Vélez (UC Berkeley), and Nancy Guarneros (Claremont Graduate University).  We truly appreciate their contributions.

A complete list of Division G’s sessions can be seen in the online program by searching by Division.

Division G Business Meeting

Sunday, April 28, 6:15-7:45 pm (Hilton Union Square 4th Level, Tower 3, Union Square 1 and 2)

Reports on the program and announcements of awards.

Special invited speaker: Warren Simmons (Brown University, Annenberg Institute for School Reform), “Building Smart Education Systems: Aligning Community Resources to Support Learning and Development”

Exploring AERA’s Commitment to Social Justice: An Interactive Session With Glide Memorial Church (Workshop)

Sunday, April 28, 2:15-3:45 (Off-site at Glide Memorial Church Fellowship Hall)

This will be an interactive symposium featuring a conversation between members of theGlide Community and of AERA.  Moderated by Karen Oliveto, Senior Minister at Glide, and Richard Ruiz, Program Chair for Division G. No fee for attendance and no reservation required, but come early as seating is limited to 100. (Glide Memorial Church is located at 330 Ellis Street, immediately across the street from the Hilton Hotel.)

The Status of Language Minority Education 40 Years After Lau vs. Nichols

Invited Presidential Session

Sunday, April 28, 8:15-9:45 am (Hilton Union Square Ballroom Continental 4)

This will be a panel with considerable time for audience comment and questions. The panel features Patricia Gándara (UCLA), co-Director of the Civil Rights Project, Ling-Chi Wang (UC-Berkeley), and Ed Steinman (University of Santa Clara), the original lawyer for the Lau family. We will explore some of the original arguments, the reaction from some members of the local communities, the aftermath of the decision, and other interesting stories resulting from this landmark case in San Francisco.

Honoring Derrick Bell’s Contributions to Education, Race, and Poverty

Wednesday, May 1, 2:15-3:45 (Hilton Union Square, Lobby Level Golden Gate 4)

This is one of two sessions on the work of the late Derrick Bell. Presentations include discussion of how his ideas on race and the law have affected our work in education.  Participants in this session have made their papers available to download from the online program.

The Effects of Mexican American Studies Participation on Student Achievement in the Tucson Unified School District

Tuesday, April 30, 10:20-11:50 (Westin St. Francis, Second Level, Elizabethan B)

In this session, researchers from the University of Arizona (Cabrera, Marx, and Milem) present their findings of the effects of the Mexican American Studies Program in Tucson Unified School District on student achievement; they will also comment on the political context in which the now-banned program operated, and the implications of this case for others around the country. Luis Moll chairs the session, and Patricia Gándara is the discussant. (See below for another session on TUSD’s Mexican American Studies program.)

Inside Ethnic Studies: What Tucson’s Embattled Program Says About Youth, Identity, Hegemony, and Resistance

Monday, April 29, 8:15-9:45 (Westin St. Francis, Elizabethan C)

This symposium will describe the principles that underlay TUSD’s now-banned Mexican American Studies program, and the pedagogy on which it was based. Among thepresenters is Curtis Acosta, one of the teachers in the MAS program and a defendant in the suit against the Arizona Board of Education.

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