Graduate Student Session

During the conference on Saturday, the Division G Graduate Student Committee held a Student Session titled “Networking: Utilizing Conferences to Your Advantage – Crafting the Research Spiel.” We had a great group, with amazing participation, questions and discussion. Janelle Johnson, Erika Bullock and Kristi Donaldson also provided feedback.

Here’s a description of the session:
The AERA experience, especially the first time, can be overwhelming. For starters, the size of the conference is often daunting and can make it difficult to find one’s place or intimidating to make connections with other researchers. This session was designed to help graduate students make the most of their networking opportunities at AERA. In it, we covered the basics of crafting a research spiel, provided time to develop one own and practice, and talked about how to initiate a conversation with other scholars. The research spiel is a concise statement of one’s research – experiences and interests, as well as basic information about career goals. We discussed how to craft and adjust the spiel based on audience, location and time limitations.

Here’s a copy of the slides for future use: Elevator Pitch & Research Spiel, developed by Gretchen Busl and Matthew Capdevielle of the University of Notre Dame.

Thank you to everyone who came and participated! Please let us know how you’re developing and using your research spiels!

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