Graduate Student Committee talks with AERA President Barbara Schneider

The Graduate Student Executive Committee recently sat down with AERA President Barbara Schneider to talk about her experiences as president, her vision with the meeting theme “The Power of Education Research for Innovation in Practice and Policy,” as well as advice for graduate students in preparing proposals and getting involved in the annual meeting.

In part one of the interview, Dr. Schneider discusses the meeting theme and how to integrate the theme with proposals:

In part two of the video, Dr. Schneider talks about graduate student involvement in AERA and at the annual conference:

In the final portion of the interview, Dr. Schneider discusses her experiences thusfar as AERA President:

Division G’s Graduate Student Executive Committee would like to thank Dr. Schneider making time in her schedule to sit down and speak with graduate students. Please stay posted to this blog and our Twitter account @AERADivG for more webinars and interviews over the course of the next academic year!

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