Call for Submissions: Multi-Modalities within Urban Education

Perspectives on Urban Education, Penn Graduate School of Education’s online student-run journal, is interested in papers, commentaries, and notes from the field for our Spring 2014 issue. The focus of this issue is: multi-modalities within urban education.

The term “multi-modality” refers to how textual, audio, and visual modes in combination with media and materiality create meaning.

As multi-modality continues to permeate the human experience we are faced with the challenge/opportunity of how to incorporate such expanding technologies in our work as practitioners, researchers, artists and policy-makers among others.

In this issue we seek to explore the affordances and challenges of integrating multimedia technologies and methods in research projects and in knowledge production and to critically examine the myriad influences and impacts of using such methodologies and media. Further, we hope submissions will consider the ethical implications of such representation. In other words, how does the use of multimodal forms of representation affect the processes and products of research, including design, implementation, analysis, knowledge production and dissemination?

A great many topics fall under the purview of this topic, a few examples:

  • Teacher research on the use of multimedia in one’s practice
  • Student observation of life in an urban classroom as conveyed through written reflections interspersed with tweets, Vines, vlogs, etc.
  • Representations of research through infographics

Submissions must have a direct or indirect connection to urban education; all submissions will undergo peer-review.

For questions or further information please contact the Editors at

All pieces must be submitted through the Journal’s online portal:

Submission Deadline: April 1, 2014


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