Division G Award Winners!

Dear Division G Colleagues:

It is with pleasure that I announce the winners of the 2014 Division G Awards.  Our congratulations to these outstanding scholars!! And a special thanks to those who nominated colleagues for awards, those who constituted the different award committees, and those exceptional and worthy nominees who, unfortunately, did not receive the award.  The awardees are as follows:

A.  Distinguished Dissertation AwardEe-Seul Yoon (The University of British Columbia)


Title:  Being chosen and performing choice: Young people engaging in imaginative and constrained secondary school practices in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Nominated by: Jo-Anne Dillabough (UBC)

Chair of the committee: Mollie Blackburn (The Ohio State University):

The aim of this dissertation was to understand the experience of school choice through the eyes of young people in Vancouver, a topic we understand to be timely and significant. The submission is well written and theoretically-integrated with a well-chosen and well-explained set of theoretical constructs. Moreover, its methods of analysis were clearly articulated. What really distinguishes this dissertation, though, is the connections it makes to larger social contexts, particularly howglobal/local forms of capital are created and leveraged. For these reasons, we selected this nomination as the recipient of this year’s award.


B.  Early Career AwardThomas M. Philip (University of California, Los Angeles)


Nominated by: Marjorie Faulstich-Orellana (UCLA)

Chair of the committee: Eliane Rubinstein-Avila (University of Arizona): Although all nominees this year were deserving of awards for their scholarship, mentoring and service, Thomas Philip’s work on bridging the iGeneration, technology, race and pedagogy, stood out. Dr. Philip’s achievements—especially for a scholar in the very early stage of his career—are truly extraordinary.

C.  Distinguished Contribution to Social Contexts in Education – Lifetime Achievement Award:  Kris Gutiérrez (University of Colorado, Boulder)


Nominated by:  Joanne Larson (University of Rochester)

Chair of the committee: Angela Calabrese Barton (Michigan State University)

Prof. Gutiérrez’ work on pedagogy, culture, and equity has forwarded conceptual, methodological, and practical innovations for work with youth and communities marginalized by systemic inequalities, including importantly migrant and immigrant youth, Latina/o and African American youth.

D.  Henry T. Trueba Award for Research Leading to the Transformation of the Social Contexts of Education:  Kris Gutiérrez (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Nominated by Barbara Rogoff (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Chair of the committee: Norma González (University of Arizona)

Professor Trueba’s deep commitment to the conditions of immigrant and urban students as well as English Learners, have been the focus of Professor Gutiérrez’ work.  The committee recognizes her exemplary and distinguished contributions to the transformation of the social contexts of education in her selection as the award winner.

E.  Mentoring AwardDavid Bloome (The Ohio State University)


Alfredo Artiles (Arizona State University)


Dr. Bloome was nominated by Caroline Clark (The Ohio State University).

Dr. Artiles was co-nominated by Aydin Bal (University of Wisconsin, Madison), Wendy Peia Oakes (Arizona State University), Kathleen King-Thorius (Indiana University), Amanda L. Sullivan (University of Minnesota), Silvia Noguerón-Liu (University of Georgia), & Federico R. Waitoller (University of Illinois, Chicago)

Chair of the committee: Cynthia Lewis (University of Minnesota)

Dr. Alfredo Artiles’scholarship examines the ways cultural practices and ideologies of difference mediate school responses to students’ abilities and needs. His nominators describe him as an “invaluable role model” and someone who exemplifies “the highest quality research and teaching standards.”  As his nomination letter points out,  “Dr. Artiles embodies for his students a model of a life-long learner, and his enthusiasm to learn is contagious.”

Dr. David Bloome’s international reputation is based on 30 years of groundbreaking scholarship focusing on how people use spoken and written language to maintain social relationships, construct knowledge, and create communities, social institutions, and shared histories and futures. Dr. Bloome has been an inspiring mentor to graduate students, colleagues, and early career scholars across the nation.  As a former student commented: “ . . . he was always there to pick me up, lift me up, and to remind me that there is glory in how we serve one another as professionals and as human beings.  He is one of the most remarkable leaders, scholars, researchers, and friends that I will ever know.”

Please note: the presentation of the above awards will take place at the Division G Business Meeting, to be held on Friday April 4 from 6:15 to 7:45 pm at the Convention Center, 100 Level, 120C.   Please encourage your colleagues, friends and relatives to attend the meeting and celebrate with the award winners.

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