Open Call for Submissions for the Fall 2014 Issue of The Journal of Family Diversity in Education

The inaugural issue of the Journal of Family Diversity in Education (JFDE) is the culmination of our work and the work of others who are attempting to shine light upon and oppose hegemonic conceptions of families, particularly in the domain of family-school-community partnerships. The journal is the peer-reviewed, international research journal of the Family Diversity Education Council and is hosted by Kent State University.

Over the last several decades, a body of research has emerged that focuses on home-school-community relationships, yet much of that work is built upon the premise that the term “family” has a common meaning. For scholars and practitioners who are working to analyze, critique, and redefine current notions of family and the resultant implications for those partnerships, there are very few outlets for publication. The JFDE provides a forum for researchers and professionals who are working alongside the vastly different forms of family that exist in schools today to renegotiate the very relationships within family–school-community partnerships. This, in turn, will positively impact and transform curricula, pedagogy, and policy.

Here in the JFDE, we seek interdisciplinary scholarship that extends the dialogue around issues of family diversity and equity in family-school-community partnerships. We view this journal as a space where the voices of educators, counselors, social workers, policymakers, parents and custodial family members, and advocates for children will be in conversation to work toward more inclusive curricula and schooling. As editors, we are pleased to offer a fully refereed, online journal that welcomes diverse and creative theoretical and methodological approaches.

Each issue of the Journal of Family Diversity in Education will contain articles and book reviews. In this inaugural issue (Spring 2014), we have brought together voices from different theoretical and methodological perspectives to highlight the ways in which scholarship around notions of family is expanding. We are excited about the path this research is taking and look forward to continuing this rigorous exchange of ideas. We believe that sharing such research will lead to new insights and provide better educational and experiential outcomes for all children and youth.

We would be happy to speak to you about serving as a reviewer and/or submitting your work for consideration for publication. Please see us after the AERA FSCP SIG Business meeting or make arrangements to meet with us during the week of AERA in Philadelphia.

Monica Miller Marsh
Kent State University & Family Diversity Education Council

Tammy Turner-Vorbeck
Purdue University & Family Diversity Education Council

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