Graduate Student Sessions at AERA14

Graduate Student Council Events & Sessions

Thursday, April 3

Time Event Location
12:00-1:30 Division L Fireside Chat: Brown’s Aftermath: The Evolution of Integration and Desegregation Policy, Research and Practice in EducationSpeakers: Sean F. Reardon, Vanessa Siddle Walker, Erica Frankenberg, Amy Stuart Wells Convention Center: 112 B
12:00-1:30 Graduate Student Orientation to the Annual Meeting and Networking Session Convention Center: 126 A
2:15-3:45 GSC Chair-Elect Fireside Chat: Being a Mentor, Being a Mentee: Learning from Successful Mentorships in order to Foster Your OwnSpeakers: SJ Miller, Maria Eugenia Lozano, Theresa Y. Austin, Gertrude M. Tinker Sachs, Jayoung Choi Convention Center: 126 A
2:15-3:45 Division D: Exemplary Work from Promising ResearchersSpeakers: James Eric Pustejovsky, Ting Xu, Feifei Ye, Luke Rapa Convention Center: 112 B


Friday, April 4

Time Event Location
8:15-9:45 GSC Fireside Chat: How Does (and Could) Educational Research Inform Policy Inside and Beyond AcademiaSpeakers: Faith Connolly, Brenda Turnbull, Zollie S. Stevenson Jr., Casey Cobb Convention Center: 126 A
10:35-12:05 Division B Fireside Chat: Educational Apartheid: A Conversation about the Privatization of Public Schooling and Its Effects on Curricular and Pedagogical PracticesSpeakers: Steven J. Ball, Adrienne D. Dixson, William H. Watkins, Kristen L. Buras Convention Center: 112 B
10:35-12:05 GSC Chair Fireside Chat: The Power of Educator Preparation Provider Accreditation for Innovation in Practice and PolicySpeakers: Christine Carrino Gorowara, Rick Ginsberg, John Henning, Leigh Yannuzzi Convention Center: 126 A
12:25-1:55 Division F Fireside Chat: Building a Culture of Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity: Busting the Myth of the Lone HistorianSpeakers: David F. Labaree, Amy E. Wells Dolan, Kate B. Rousmaniere Convention Center: 112 B
12:25-1:55 GSC Food-for-Thought Session: Learning Through Sisterhood: Urban Arts and Education with the Philadelphia Sophisticated Sisters Convention Center: 126 A
2:15-3:45 Division I Fireside Chat: Getting Published: Ensure Your Work Makes and ImpactSpeakers: Dorothea H. Juul, Janet Palmer Hafler, Marcia Mentkowski, Anne Christine McKee, Bridget Colleen O’ Brien Convention Center: 112 B
2:15-3:45 GSC Past Chair Fireside Chat: Navigating the Academic Job SearchSpeakers: Erica C. Bullock, Christopher Charlie Jett, Jeane F. Copenhaver-Johnson Convention Center: 126 A
4:05-5:35 Division A Fireside Chat: Challenging Perceptions of Youth: How Research Can Guide Educational Leaders in Their Work with Young PeopleSpeakers: Bianca J. Baldridge, Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz, Lee Anne Bell, John S. Rogers Convention Center: 112 B
4:05-5:35 Graduate Student Council and Campus Liaison Meet, Greet, & Eat/ Campus Liaison Tip Share Convention Center: 126 A

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Time Event Location
10:35-12:05 Division J Fireside Chat: Beyond Academia: Reaching a Broader AudienceSpeakers: Erin L. Castro, Liliana M. Garces, Marybeth Gasman, Gary D. Rhoades, J. Luke Wood Convention Center: 112 B
10:35-12:05 Graduate Student Networking Opportunity with Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Convention Center: 126 A

Sunday April 6, 2014

Time Event Location
8:15-9:45 Division G Fireside Chat: Making the Implicit Explicit: Navigating the AcademySpeakers:  Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, Alison E Leonard, Jeong-Eun Rhee, Mariana Pacheco, Beth C. Rubin Convention Center: 126 A
8:15-9:45 GSC Fireside Chat: Research on Youth Activism and Agency for Social Change: Past, Present, and Innovations for the FutureSpeakers: David O. Stovall, Julio Cammarota, Michelle Fine Convention Center: 112 B
10:35-12:05 Division E Fireside Chat: Show Me the Grant Money: A Discussion about the Grant Process in Educational ResearchSpeakers:  Dorothy L. Espelage, Patricia A. Jennings, Jason Downer, Sejal Barden Convention Center: 126 A
10:35-12:05 GSC Chair Fireside Chat: Demystifying the AERA Annual Meeting Proposal Submission ProcessSpeakers:  Huriya Jabbar, Ariana Christine Crowther, Cathy A.R. Brant, Antionette D. Stroter, Debra J. Ackerman Convention Center: 112 B
12:25-1:55 Division D Fireside Chat: Policy Three Ways: A Qualitative, Quantitative, and Mixed Methods PerspectiveSpeakers:  Patti A. Lather, Jennifer C. Greene, Andrew C. Porter, Kristen L. Huff Convention Center: 126 A
12:25-1:55   GSC Food-for-Thought Session: Truth Through Words: Raising the Voices of Urban Youth in Philadelphia Convention Center: 112 B
2:15-3:45 Graduate Student In-Progress Research Session Convention Center
4:05-5:35 GSC Chair-Elect Fireside Chat: Writing Work that Works for You: Publishing in AcademiaSpeakers: Erica K. Dotson, Nadia Behizadeh, Stephanie Behm Cross, Alyssa Hadley Dunn, Jillian Carter Ford Convention Center: 126 A

Monday, April 7, 2014

Time Event Location
8:15-9:45 Division K Fireside Chat: Teacher Education Research and Policy: Local, National, and International PerspectivesSpeakers: Lauren Anderson, Wanda J. Blanchett, Ee-Ling Low, Aaron Pallas Convention Center: 112 B
10:35-12:05 Division C Fireside Chat: From Research to Real Life: Insights into Designing and Implementing Classroom-Based InterventionsSpeaker: Allan L. Wigfield Convention Center: 112 B
12:25-1:55 Division H Fireside Chat: Seeing the Future: Technology in the Lives and Careers of Graduate Students & Early Career ResearchersSpeakers: Damian W. Betebenner, Glynn Ligon, Erin Marie Furtak, Zollie Stevenson Jr, Convention Center: 112 B


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