Race, Equity and Higher Education: The Continued Search for Critical and Inclusive Pedagogies around the Globe

Race, Equity and Higher Education:  The Continued Search for Critical and Inclusive Pedagogies around the Globe


Franklin Tuitt, EdD

Chayla Haynes, PhD

Saran Stewart, PhD

This book aims to describe how the utilization of critical and inclusive pedagogies have the potential to create transformative, affirming and equitable learning environments for all students, but especially historically marginalized students globally. With a focus on the higher education classroom, the editors expose the role that instructors play in making postsecondary institutions places where all students both want and are able to learn. We invite scholars who support national and international goals related to the examination of critical and inclusive pedagogies that disrupt persistent patterns of power inherent in classroom teaching to submit manuscripts. Examinations of critical and inclusive pedagogies have evolved to expand beyond that of race, gender, and class to include ability, language, and even religion. However, the existing literature neglects to substantively address: 1) the relevance of these issues in a global postsecondary education context and 2) the responsibility of the institution in creating a campus climate that cultivates academic spaces, which promote liberating and deep learning among students. This book, to be published by Stylus, will have three sections: 1) critical and inclusive pedagogies; 2) the learning environment; and 3) the instructor and the student.  Scholars interested in submitting a manuscript should craft a 350 word abstract  (maximum) of forthcoming scholarly work.  Interested authors should email their abstract, a section preference, to Dr. Saran Stewart at saranstewart@gmail.com. Please include the title of this book in the email’s subject. Abstracts must be received by July 2, 2014 to be considered. For more information about this publication, please contact Dr. Saran Stewart.

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