(Inter)National Social Justice Issues and the Academy (A Div G Graduate Student Executive Committee Podcast Presentation)

As a way to spark conversation regarding the annual conference theme, Toward Justice: Culture, Language, and Heritage in Education Research and Praxis, the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee is composing a three part podcast series to survey related topics and focal areas of interest as they pertain to the social contexts of education. The first podcast in the series will drop on Friday, October 24th. Dr. Loukia Sarroub from the University of Nebraska – Lincoln and Dr. Chezare Warren from Michigan State University will start our series by dialoguing about current events in the United State that have sparked national conversations concerning social relations, race, religion, and social justice.

Following the release, we hope to continue the conversation on Twitter using #divgchat. As always, please follow us at: http://aeradiv.wordpress.com and/or feel free to contact us at divggrads@gmail.com

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 8.57.31 PM

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