Call for Nominations: Politics of Education Association’s Outstanding Dissertation Award

Politics of Education Association’s Outstanding Dissertation Award

This call is for the 2015 award for the best dissertation in the politics of education. It is designed to foster and support graduate student research and publication on political processes and outcomes in organized education grades preK-16, from the United States and abroad. One aim is to highlight and reward scholars studying political issues in education, as distinct from the interdisciplinary approaches taken by policy studies.
The PEA Dissertation Awards Committee welcomes any nominated dissertation that addresses the politics of education, including, but not limited to, those that focus on questions of democracy, voice, governance, inequality/equality, power, authority, political accountability, interest group interactions, coalitions and agency at any level of analysis (federal/national, state/provincial, local). Acceptable methods include, but are not limited to, comparative political analysis, case-study analyses of broad trends and reform efforts, qualitative studies, political history and biography, primary and secondary data analysis.

The Award: A $250 cash award, editorial and stylistic suggestions for publication from the PEA Awards Committee, and recognition at the annual business meeting of PEA held at the annual meeting of AERA. In addition, all finalists will receive a one-year honorary membership to the Politics of Education Association.

The Review Process: Completed nominations received by midnight December 1, 2014 will be reviewed by the PEA Dissertation Award Committee. Four to six finalists will be selected for further consideration by January 2015. Finalists and winners will be announced in the spring PEA Bulletin and honored at the annual PEA business meeting at the regularly scheduled AERA meeting in 2015.

Eligibility and Application Process: Dissertations from students who have successfully defended a dissertation for either an EdD or a PhD in political science or education between July 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, are eligible for nomination.
The nomination process involves submitting a scholar application form including a four-six page (1,200 word maximum) abstract of the dissertation, which describes the topic and conceptual underpinnings, details the methods of data collection and analysis, and briefly describes the findings and the conclusions. In addition, a nomination form from the dissertation sponsor is required. The sponsor’s nomination should describe why the dissertation is exemplary and assess its contribution to the politics of education. It also verifies that the doctoral degree was earned between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. No incomplete nominations will be considered.

For application and nomination forms, please contact Thu Suong Nguyen at Completed applications and nomination forms are to be emailed by midnight December 1, 2014 to Thu Suong Nguyen. Emailed applications will receive a brief confirmation of receipt.

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