Berkeley Review of Education – Volume 5, Issue 1

We are pleased to present the newest issue of the Berkeley Review of Education (BRE), an open-access, peer-reviewed journal edited by students from the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley. We are currently accepting submissions on a rolling basis. The process of submission to publication is approximately a year, with notification of acceptance within three months. If you’re interested in submitting to our journal, see our Call for Papers, which is also pasted below. Please forward to your colleagues, friends, and other networks. For more information, visit

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2014

?Within school walls, we are presented a stark picture of society and its structures of opportunity and oppression. Scholars have long argued that schools reproduce social hierarchies and inequalities (Bowles & Gintis, 1976) yet the institution of education also creates identities for children, young people, and adults within schools which both constrain and enable opportunities for agency and creativity. In Volume 5, Issue 1 of the Berkeley Review of Education (BRE), four pieces explore the production of education from the classroom to the broad social structures.?  Read more?


Black high school students? critical racial awareness, school-based racial socialization, and academic resilience

Daren Graves

Assessment tools to differentiate between language differences and disorders in English language learners

Sunaina Shenoy

Disproportionality fills in the gaps: Connections between achievement, discipline and special education in the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Subini Annamma, Deb Morrison, Darrell Jackson

A feminist perspective on the school-to-labor pipeline

Kirsten Hextrum

Call for Papers


The Berkeley Review of Education (BRE) encourages senior and emerging scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers to submit articles that address issues of educational diversity and equity from various intra/interdisciplinary perspectives. The editorial board especially welcomes submission of manuscripts that engage with one or more of our 2014-2015 Board Priorities:

Pressing Issues. The BRE seeks to publish papers that address compelling issues impacting schools, educational systems, and other learning environments.

Critical Scholarship. The BRE welcomes a broad range of ?critical? scholarship, particularly work that analyzes, evaluates, and problematizes power and dominant structures, and helps us to imagine something new.

Pushing Borders & Boundaries. The BRE seeks to promote scholarship that re-conceptualizes and transcends academic identities, labels, and categories. We encourage work from all disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary work that builds towards new understandings of educational processes and practices.

Forging Communities. The BRE seeks to foster new and existing relationships within and beyond the academy. As an open-access journal, we aim to democratize knowledge and encourage work that originates from and speaks to a wide range of scholars, practitioners, activists, and educators.

Submission Guidelines

All papers are subject to a double-blind peer review process. Authors retain the copyright to the articles they publish in the journal. The BRE does not publish material that has been previously published and does not accept papers that have been simultaneously submitted elsewhere for publication (see BRE Policies).

We encourage the submission of a wide range of manuscripts including but not limited to theoretical or historical analyses, empirical studies, scholarly essays, analytical literature reviews, and practitioner reflections.

Articles must be in American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition (APA) format and have all identifiers blinded. Submit manuscripts as a single word file with a brief abstract (no more than 150 words) and a list of up to five keywords.

Address inquiries to the editors at Submit manuscripts online through the ?submit article? link,

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