Call for Applications: 2015 Division G Graduate Student Pre-Conference Mentoring Seminar

Call for Applications:

2015 Division G Graduate Student Pre-Conference Mentoring Seminar

Reconceptualizing Ourselves and Our Research Programs, With a Commitment to Educational Justice in Local and Global Contexts

Thursday, April 16, 2015 8 am-12 pm

Chicago, IL 2015 AERA Annual Meeting

Applications Due: January 15, 2015

Division G examines processes of teaching and learning within social contexts. Such an examination takes under consideration social, cultural, political, discourse, and economic influences. Hence, cognition, language, learning processes, and social organization are considered as they are situated in local and global contexts and in relation to demographic, linguistic, and cultural diversity. These complex views of teaching and learning provide a context in which to shed light on the ways in which significant social and technological change shapes our educational research, policy, and practices. We encourage submissions that examine the ways in which the new knowledge economies operate to include and exclude, embrace and marginalize, offer access and create barriers for learning in formal and informal contexts.

Event Information:

This mentoring pre-conference seminar will provide graduate students with a chance to gain a better understanding of transitioning through dissertation completion, finding jobs and building careers with a commitment to educational justice.

Seminar Topics:

This interactive seminar format will include both plenary sessions and specialized breakout group sessions focusing on three areas:

Publishing and Presenting Social Justice Work: How can students who hope to use their research as a platform for advocacy and equity better position themselves and their work? This breakout session will help students with a strong commitment to social justice learn various ways to conceptualize their research through social justice lenses, while also learning how to highlight the uniqueness of their work as they prepare for publications and presentations.

Applying for Academic Positions with a Social Justice Focus:  How can students make themselves marketable for positions that may not exclusively align with issues of justice and equity? Invited scholars will engage graduate students on the topic of branding an academic identity of social justice research and how students can think about positioning their research as highly desirable and necessary to the institutions where they seek employment.

K-12 schools, Community Activism, and Being an Academic: How can we build or expand partnerships with schools and communities? How do we fulfill academic responsibilities while being committed to local, national, and/or global change?

Application Process:

Interested graduate students should prepare application materials (described below) and submit their materials electronically in pdf format to by January 15, 2015 by 11:59pm EST.

Space is limited and registration for participation is required. The event is open to students in any stage of their doctoral degree program.  However, the breakout sessions are focused on issues specific to the concerns of doctoral students in the dissertation stage. The application materials should include: a curriculum vitae and a 1-page statement of interest with the following information:

Biographical information including name, email address, telephone number, institution, your status (year in program, information such as writing a proposal or writing dissertation), and your research interests, methodological approaches to research

Brief summary of your research

1-2 issues (or questions) you would like to ask the mentoring faculty to address

Your career goals and job search timeline

Applications will be reviewed on the basis of the following criteria:

Overall quality and thoughtfulness of the application letter

Research issue(s) and/or question(s) demonstrate a commitment to educational justice

Degree to which the applicant would benefit from the seminar

Division G is committed to providing an equitable and diverse representation of participants on the basis of gender, ethnic/racial status, type of university, disciplinary/research interests.

Final decisions will be announced on February 15th.

Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

If you have any questions, please write to Division G Student Executive Committee at:

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