Call for Papers (Curriculum Inquiry – Special Issue!)

Call For Papers– Curriculum Inquiry

Special Issue (to be published in January 2016, Volume 46, Number 1)

The Editors of Curriculum Inquiry are seeking manuscripts for a special review issue scheduled to be published in January, 2016. This issue will feature essay reviews written by new scholars of curriculum studies. “New scholars” include students actively enrolled in a graduate program in curriculum studies or related fields at the time of submission as well as individuals who completed a graduate degree after January 2013.

This review issue of the journal aims to recognize the insights of new scholars as commentators on recent as well as “classic” books in curriculum studies. By showcasing their work in this special issue, the Editors of Curriculum Inquiry would like to encourage and honor their valuable contributions to the field.

For this special issue, the Editors are interested in receiving essay reviews based on two or more books that can either be recent books (published in or after 2012) or “classic” books (published before 1990 and considered to have had a substantial impact on the field*). The reviews should identify and critically examine key themes or issues raised by the books, in relation to other relevant sources and/or contemporary perspectives and debates in the field. In the case of ?classic? books, the Editors are interested in reviews that highlight the historical significance of the books and their relevance to contemporary issues and perspectives in the field. The Editors are particularly interested in essay reviews that juxtapose or bring into dialogue a “classic” book with one or more recent book(s), and thus take a comparative approach to reviewing them.

All manuscripts submitted to Curriculum Inquiry are subjected to a preliminary internal review by the editorial team, and those deemed appropriate for publication in the journal will be sent anonymously to external reviewers.

Submission Deadline: May 1, 2015

Manuscripts for this special issue are expected to be between 5000 and 8000 words. To see examples of essay reviews, you may consult Volume 41, Number 1 of Curriculum Inquiry (2011). Guidelines for manuscript submission along with other relevant information will be available on the journal?s website. Questions can be addressed to Sardar Anwaruddin at

We look forward to receiving your submissions! Thank you,

The Editors of Curriculum Inquiry

*Authors considering books published between 1990 and 2013 should contact the Editors before submitting a review

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