Div G Fireside Chat: Justice For Whom? Building Research and Praxis Capacities Committed to Educational Justice

To whom are we responsible in educational research? What does “justice” look like in our culture, language, and heritage communities? How can teachers engage in teaching in socially just ways? In what ways can we value and better understand the cultures, languages, and heritages of our students in theoretically sound and methodologically rigorous ways? How might we engage in research, practice and education policy (praxis) toward the goal of achieving justice in our schools, neighborhoods and communities? If any and all of these questions guide your own research and praxis, then attend the Division G Fireside Chat on Monday, April 20. By engaging in candid conversations with emerging and seasoned scholars across academic disciplines that utilize multiple methods of inquiry, graduate students will be equipped with knowledge and skills to implement authentic and meaningful transformative inquiries within their schools, neighborhoods, communities and in the academy (see below for more details).

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.09.28 AM

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