New Academic Year, New Members

We’ve concluded our applicant search for the newest AERA Division G Student Executive Committee members. Seeking five new members, we had the opportunity to interview stellar doctoral students doing amazing work around the world. A quick by the numbers:

  • 40 applications reviewed
  • 30 different institutions representing 20 states
  • 3 international applicants representing New Zealand and Canada

In the end we moved forward with six applicants representing a range of institutions including the UCLA; University of California, Riverside; Arizona State University; Indiana University; Ohio State University; and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Within our committee, we added three student outreach and technology members, two to our campus liaison subcommittee, and a newly developed International Student Liaison to help us continue our innovative, member-responsive programs.

As the summer comes to a close, we are excited to reengage with new and continuing members sharing new ideas and a wealth of experience. As a precursor to the official welcome, we wanted to share our new members’ excitement about joining the committee and working towards building community within AERA and Division G:

“I am particularly excited about being able to work with fellow graduate students, who share my dedication to the study of educational processes and the social contexts in which they occur. I look forward to playing a role in exploring new avenues for the exchange of ideas, as well as connecting and supporting graduate students with these interests both in digital and physical spaces. I believe that the commitments of Division G are crucial to educational research and I am honored to be able to contribute to the creation, dissemination, and management of digital contents and spaces that best represent the efforts of its members.

“As a student at the beginning of my PhD journey, I look forward to learning from my peers and in turn getting to support the graduate students who are a part of Division G. In regards to the Campus Liaisons subcommittee, I am excited to continue the growth that has taken place in the last year and increase our number of campus liaisons across the nation. Lastly, I am eager to begin working with the entire Graduate Student Executive Committee to plan the outreach, academic, and social events for all members of Division G to enjoy during the 2016 AERA Annual Conference.”

“In this privileged and exciting new role as International Student Liaison for Division G, I propose to: Expand the perimeters of graduate student networks by disseminating information internationally, in bringing awareness and creating greater access for graduate students; Build international alliances by creating links with other universities around the world through networking; Develop online platforms/ forums to support and share knowledge and information. I would offer a broad range of perspectives by bringing an international voice to the discussions. As the International Student Liaison, I believe this significant role in expanding the international reach of Division G will be a vital lifeline in enriching and empowering the diversity of student voices, in creating a safe space for coalition building with committee members and graduate students.”

“I am excited about the opportunity to serve on the DivG Graduate Student Executive Committee for various reasons. First, I am excited to use my skills to improve the quality of the conversations taking place between faculty and graduate students. I believe my involvement will help create a more interactive environment and platform through which discussions could disseminate, and look forward to working with such a passionate and hard working committee. Second, I am excited to be given an opportunity to contribute to a prestigious and successful organization, allowing me networking and research opportunities that may otherwise not be possible without my involvement.”

 “While attending Division G’s reception at the AERA Conference, I witnessed great camaraderie and mutual respect among its members and knew immediately that I wanted to be a part of it. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work alongside such a motivated, intelligent, and committed group of young scholars. I look forward to collaborating with my new colleagues to push forward the Division’s goal of centering education research on social contexts.”

 “As a former social studies teacher, I am extremely passionate about fighting for social justice in education and am committed to the critical examination of the relationships between education, society, and government in education. I am excited about the opportunity to serve on the Division G Student Executive Committee, which will allow me to work side by side with like-minded scholars and learn from others who are interested in the ways in which social contexts affect learning. As a part of the Campus Liaison subcommittee, I look forward to helping create a dialogue at universities across the country, as well as to create connections among them. Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

Be on the lookout, we will be updating our Officer roster in mid August!

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