Perspectives on Urban Education [Special Call]

Perspectives on Urban Education
Special Call for Winter Issue-  “Marginalized Spaces in Education”

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2015

Perspectives on Urban Education is proud to announce its call for papers is now open for our upcoming special issue on ‘Marginalized Spaces in Education.’

Writing on the social construction of marginality in urban neighborhoods, critical ethnographer Loic Wacquant (2013) argues that the spaces and communities which have been hardest hit by the recession, most stigmatized by their schools in the court of public opinion, and most surveilled by police are not (as is often claimed in the media) “bad neighborhoods”. Rather, he counters, these neighborhoods are positioned at ‘the margins’ by mutually supporting policy and discourse; the closure of neighborhoods from public funds, and the assignment of a stigmatized category to a space that “paradoxically offers… a structural harbor fostering self-organization and collective protection against brute domination” (p. 3).

For our Winter issue of Perspectives on Urban Education, we seek manuscripts exploring how children, families, communities, classrooms, schools, neighborhoods, and cities come to occupy spaces at ‘the margins’, and the impact of that social positioning on achievement, identity, and policy.  We ask: What are the marginalized spaces and places of education? How have policies and practices produced them, and based on what criteria? How is educational marginality set alongside issues like political economy, globalization, and immigration? How is educational marginalization constructed physically, discursively, and proximally, and with what impact? And how do children, families, teachers, schools, and neighborhoods resist the marginalization of their spaces and assert their legitimacy? In investigating these questions, we invite authors to think expansively and creatively about the concepts of both ‘margins’ and ‘space’.

In keeping with our ongoing mission to consider, push against, and re-imagine the boundaries of what an online, peer-reviewed journal can be, Perspectives on Urban Education welcomes submissions that include multimodal elements (film, photos, etc.) from students, student‐teachers, researchers, practitioners, and other stakeholders.

Submissions must have a direct or indirect connection to urban education. All submissions will undergo peer‐review.

To submit, please see our website:

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