John Dewey Society Centennial Conference

Announcement to AERA/Educator Attendees
John Dewey Society Centennial Conference on Democracy and Education in Washington, D.C., April 7-8, 2016
Special Speaker Session on John Dewey’s Democracy and Education

On April 7 an open forum conversation with a panel of distinguished speakers will celebrate the 100th anniversary of Democracy and Education.

The panel participants:  Walter Parker, Nel Noddings, Ronald W. Evans, Diana Hess, StephenThornton, and William Gaudelli, moderated by C. Gregg Jorgensen, will share their ideas and thoughts—and ad hoc comments—on John Dewey’s potential impact on education a century after the publication of his seminal work.

Is Democracy and Education more relevant today than ever?

Please join us for this lively panel discussion to be wrapped up with time for questions from the audience.  This session will highlight John Dewey’s ideas and ideals from the perspective of some of CUFA/NCSS’s most noted scholars.

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