Culturally-Responsive & Sustaining Pedagogy Podcast


This podcast features a discussion on the need for research that centralizes pedagogy that connects the experiences of students’ lives to the classroom. We see culturally responsive/sustaining pedagogy as compelling and necessary research that draws on the strengths of students linguistic, cultural, and personal identity dimensions as critical research in education. CRP humanizes curriculum, learning, and schooling and can help disrupt the policy narrative of common standards and objective curriculum creating opportunities for pedagogies that positively impact diverse students entering classrooms today. The podcast includes Dr. Lorri J. Santamaría (Univ. of Auckland), Dr. Tonikiaa Orange (UCLA), Dr. Django Paris (MSU), Ms. Adeyanju Odutola (Clemson University), and Ms. Taylor Allbright (USC).

Dr. Lorri J. Santamaría from the University of Auckland
Santamaría, L. J., & Santamaría, A. P. (Eds.) (2016). Culturally responsive leadership in higher education: Praxis promoting access, equity and improvement. New York, NY: Routledge Books. Available at:

Dr. Django Paris from Michigan State University
Paris D. & Alim, H. S. (2014). What are we seeking to sustain through culturally sustaining pedagogy? A loving critique forward. Harvard Educational Review, 84 (1), pp. 85-100.

Dr. Tonikiaa Orange from the University of California, Los Angeles
Orange, T. (2013). Inside Voices:  A Look at Culturally Responsive Pedagogy Through the Lens of Students.  UCLA Xchange Publication.

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