Division L Junior Faculty Mentoring Session

The Long Road to Tenure:  Navigating the Academic Terrain

We invite all pre-tenure university faculty currently in tenure track positions (or who have accepted positions for 16-17) whose research is directly related to educational policy or politics to attend the Division L Junior Faculty Mentoring Session on Sunday, April 10th from 2:45 to 4:15pm at the Marriot Marquis (Mezzanine Level, Scarlet Oak Room). During the session, these early career scholars will gather at roundtables with senior scholars to discuss various topics of interest.  We welcome scholars in university-based positions at all points in their career pre-tenure.

Likely topics of discussion include: defining your research niche within the fields of educational policy or politics; publishing and disseminating your work; communicating your research to broader and more diverse audiences; navigating the academy when your scholarship focuses on issues of social justice, inequality, and diversity; pursuing a healthy work-life balance on the road to tenure and beyond; and juggling service to your university and nationally. The session will end with a networking opportunity for early career and senior scholars.

Confirmed senior scholars for this session include:

  • Stacey Lee
  • John Diamond
  • Lance Fusarelli
  • Jennifer Jellison Holme
  • Janelle Scott
  • Will Perez
  • Chris Lubienski
  • Julie Marsh
  • Rich Milner
  • Mica Pollock
  • Karen Seashore (Louis)
  • John Sipple
  • Penny Wohlstetter
  • Joel Spring

If you are interested in attending and available during the time slot at AERA, please email Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj by March 18th at sattinca@shu.edu with the following information to reserve your place in the session and allow us to prepare accordingly:


*Current university, position, and length of time in your position
* Research area relating to educational policy or politics
* CV
*2-3 mentoring topics of interest
*Whether you participated in Div L junior faculty mentoring last year

Space is limited so we encourage you to apply right away. Scholars from under-represented backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.   Please feel free to contact Div. L Membership and Mentoring Committee members Carolyn Sattin-Bajaj (sattinca@shu.edu), Kara Finnigan (kfinnigan@UR.Rochester.edu), John Diamond (jbdiamond@wisc.edu) or Julie Marsh (julie.marsh@usc.edu) for additional information or questions about this session.

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