New Year, New Members

We’ve concluded our applicant search for the newest AERA Division G Student Executive Committee members. We had the opportunity to interview stellar doctoral students doing amazing work around the world. A quick by the numbers:

  • 35 applications reviewed
  • 27 different institutions

In the end, we moved forward with four applicants representing a range of institutions including the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Michigan State University, University of Virginia, and Rutgers University. Within our subcommittees, we added one student outreach and technology member, two to our mentoring subcommittee, and one to our Campus Liaison subcommittee.

As the summer comes to a close, we are excited to re-engage with new and continuing members sharing new ideas and a wealth of experience. As a precursor to the official welcome, we wanted to share our new members’ excitement about joining the committee and working towards building community within AERA and Division G:

I am excited and grateful to serve on the DivG Graduate Student Executive Committee. I look forward to the opportunity to cultivate resistance networks of teachers, learners, researchers, and youth focused on naming and refusing hegemonic notions of literacy, learning, and school achievement. I hope to help deepen the roots of networks which already exist within DivG and to extend the reach of our scholarship to new relationships outside our professional community.

Across my time as a doctoral student, Division G has continued to call attention to important issues students, teachers, and communities encounter within and beyond the walls of classrooms in pursuit of education. As a member of the DivG Graduate Student Executive Committee, I look forward to the opportunity to serve alongside peers to critically consider how we—as a collective—can attend to the tasks outlined by the 2017 CFP and “transform the power of knowledge and scholarly discourse into public will, engaging practice, and responsive policy.”

It is an honor to serve on the Division G Graduate Executive Committee. In my experience as a graduate student member, I’ve witnessed Division G curate rigorous and innovative scholarship on race, class, and inequality, and facilitate graduate sessions that offer invaluable mentorship opportunities. I’m looking forward to contributing and extending this culture of academic rigor and service in the division. In the days ahead, I am most excited about building relationships with other scholars on the committee and sharing ideas about how to enhance the substantiveness and convenience of the mentoring platform within our community of graduate students.

I am enthusiastically joining the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee because I am wholeheartedly committed to scaffolding and implementing meaningful opportunities for fellow graduate students. I look forward to working on the Mentoring Subcommittee to establish and strengthen programs that connect graduate students with faculty who are similarly aligned to social context of education research.

Be on the lookout, we will be updating our Graduate Committee and Campus Liaison information in early October!


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