AERA Division G Welcomes New VP, Cabinet, & Student Executive Committee

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 10.37.09 AM

Welcome to our new Vice President!

Zeus Leonardo
University of California, Berkeley

Welcome to the Vice President’s Cabinet!

Tambra Jackson
Indiana University

Laura Roy
Penn State Harrisburg

Immediate Past Vice President
Elizabeth Moje
University of Michigan

Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair
David Kirkland
New York University

Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair
Wanda Pillow
The University of Utah

Chair of Equity and Inclusion
Dolores Calderón
Western Washington University

Communications Director
Kenzo Sung
Rowan University

Graduate Student Representatives
Berenice Sanchez, Senior Representative
Indiana University

Shena Sanchez, Junior Representative
University of California, Los Angeles

Welcome to our new Annual Meeting Section Co-chairs!

Section 1: Local Contexts of Teaching and Learning
Co-chair: Luis Urrieta, The University of Texas at Austin:
Co-chair: Korina Jocson, University of Massachusetts-Amherst:

Section 2: Multicultural Contexts of Education within and across Subject Areas
Co-chair: Michael Dumas, University of California, Berkeley:
Co-chair: Joseph Nelson, Swarthmore College:

Section 3: Social Contexts of Multiple Languages and Literacies
Co-chair: Maneka Brooks, Texas State University:
Co-chair: Tatyana Kleyn, The City College of New York:

Section 4: Social Contexts of Educational Policy, Politics, and Praxis
Co-chair: Roey Ahram, Spencer Foundation:
Co-chair: Terah Venzant Chambers, Michigan State University:

Section 5: Social Context of Research in Schools and Communities
Co-chair: Cindy Cruz, University of California, Santa Cruz:
Co-chair: Ezekiel Dixon-Román, University of Pennsylvania:

Welcome to our new* & returning graduate student members!

Eric Ambroso* |
Arizona State University

Cassie J. Brownell |
Michigan State University

Eliana Castro* |
Michigan State University

Kevin Clay |
Rutgers University

Lindsay Jarratt* |
University of Iowa

Renata Love Jones* |
Boston College

Adam Musser |
University of California, Davis

Angel Nash |
University of Virginia

Berenice Sanchez |
Indiana University

Shena Sanchez |
University of California, Los Angeles

Jeremiah Sataraka* |
Washington State University

Carolina Elizabeth Silva* |
Washington State University


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