Webinar Tuesday: Feb 27

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Please join us Tuesday, February 27, (1p EST; 10aPST) for a discussion with four scholars on civics education and political engagement in the current sociopolitical climate. You can also follow and contribute to the conversation on Twitter using #divgchat.

Thank you to our participating scholars for their generosity and work! In the next few days we will highlight select pieces of their scholarship below.

Dr. Beth Rubin | Rutgers University

  • Beth C. Rubin; Thea Abu El-Haj; Eliot Graham and Kevin Clay. (2017). Confronting the urban civic opportunity gap:  Integrating youth participatory action research into preservice teacher education. Journal of Teacher Education, 67: 424-436.
  • Beth C. Rubin. (2015). A time for social studies: Talking with young people about Ferguson and Staten Island. Social Education, 79 (1): 22-29. Reprinted in Social Science Docket, 15 (2): 2-5.
  • Beth C. Rubin and Brian Hayes.(2010).  “No backpacks” vs. “Drugs and murder”: The promise and complexity of youth civic action research. Harvard Educational Review, 80(3), 149-175.

Dr. Jane Lo | Florida State University

  •  Lo, J. C. (2017). Adolescents developing civic identities: Sociocultural perspectives on simulations and role-play in a civic classroom. Theory & Research in Social Education, 45(2), 189–217.
  • Lo, J. C. (2017). “Bearing with strangers” in democratic education: Understanding through conflict and forgiveness. In R. A. Diem & M. J. Berson (Eds.), Mending walls: Historical, socio-political, economic, and geographical perspectives (pp. 81–100). CHARLOTTE: Information Age Publishing, Inc.
  • Lo, J. C. (2017). Empowering young people through conflict and conciliation: Attending to the political and agonism in democratic education. Democracy and Education, 25(1), Article 2.


Dr. Nicole Mirra |  Rutgers University

  •  Mirra, N. & Garcia, A. (2017). Civic participation re-imagined: Youth interrogation and innovation in the multimodal public sphere. Review of Research in Education, (41), 136-158.
  • Mirra, N. & Rogers, J. (2016). Institutional participation and social transformation: Considering the goals and tensions of university-initiated YPAR projects with K-12 youth. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, 29(9), 1-14.


Dr. Thea Abu El-Haj |  Barnard College, Columbia University

  • Abu El-Haj, T.R. (2015). Unsettled belonging: Educating Palestinian American youth after 9/11. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.
  • Abu El-Haj, T. R. (2010). “The beauty of America”: Nationalism, education and the “war on terror.” Harvard Educational Review, 80 (2): 242-274.
  • Abu El-Haj, T. R. (2009). Becoming citizens in an era of globalization and transnational migration: Re-imagining citizenship as critical practice. Theory into Practice, 48 (4), 274–282. Theme issue: The Policies of Immigrant Education: Multinational Perspectives.

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