New Grad Student Member Welcome

The Graduate Student Executive Committee would like to thank all of the graduate students who submitted applications this summer and extend a cordial welcome to its newest members!

  • Jamelia Harris (Mentoring)
  • Shannon Holder (Student Outreach & Technology)
  • Hui-Ling Sunshine Malone (Student Outreach & Technology)
  • Eshe Price (Campus Liaisons)


Jamelia Harris, University of California, Los Angeles

I’m a doctoral student in the Urban Schooling program at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). My dissertation research examines the criminalization of Black girls and highlights the damaging effects of punitive school culture on their education and social-emotional wellbeing. As a former community organizer, I’m excited about the opportunity to serve on the AERA Division G executive committee because I see innumerable possibilities in scholars across institutions and communities engaging critical work geared toward improving the material conditions of structurally oppressed peoples. I’m determined to further understand and address the policies and systems that perpetuate educational inequities and the disproportionate confinement of marginalized youth, through my work with Division G.


Shannon Holder, University of Connecticut

​I’m very excited to serve on the Student Outreach & Technology subcommittee for the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee.  Division G’s mission is what attracted me to the organization, particularly the way it strives to embrace and empower graduate student members.  I’m looking to engage graduate students nationwide with the work of Division G, both online and in person. I have prior experience with thinking of ways to creatively incorporate different technologies with the goals of an organization.  I’m excited to continue this work with Division G graduate students.


Hui-Ling Sunshine Malone, New York University

I’m thrilled at the opportunity to serve on the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee as a member of the Student Outreach and Technology Subcommittee. I am looking forward to working with Division G students, professors, and others committed to advancing equity in education. As members of this community, it is important to recognize that we are not isolated in this work. I am so honored that in this role, I am able to bridge and build community for us to support one another, not only to help ourselves, but ultimately serve our children and pave a better future. I’m excited to learn more about all the outstanding scholarship our community is working on and using technology as a platform to connect us. I look forward to all the exciting Division G events to come!


Eshe Price, Rowan University

I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee and Campus Liaison subcommittee. In the role of Campus Liaison, I look forward to working with other graduate students to grow the network of participating campuses and get involved with Division G activities. I’ve spent the last ten years educating and advocating for students in urban communities such as Washington, DC, Baltimore, MD, and Camden, NJ. My commitment to serving historically marginalized students led me to Division G. What excites me the most about this opportunity? The answer is simple – the people. I have the chance to work alongside other graduate students and faculty across institutions. I know that I’ll be attending next year’s AERA Conference belonging to a community of scholars and a mission to serve and support Division G activities.

The GSEC subcommittees look forward to kicking off the academic year and working closely with students, scholars, practitioners, and community members at large. Below is a chart of our organizational structure and composition.


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