Grad Students

Division G Student Executive Committee

The Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee consists of three subcommittees: (1) Campus Liaisons (CL); (2) Mentoring (MT); and (3) Student Outreach & Technology (SOT). Each subcommittee is working hard to meet the needs of graduate students across the country and around the world.  Below you can find a brief description of each subcommittee’s goals and meet its members.


Berenice Sanchez | sanchezberenice0620@gmail.com0093 (1)
Indiana University
Senior Graduate Student Representative
Berenice’s research broadly centers on critical race theory and the racialized experiences of Latinas/os in higher education, with a focus on Chicana/Latina graduate students, administrators and faculty. Other research interests include campus cultural centers and educational policy issues.


Shena Sanchez | shena.sanchez@ucla.eduShena 2015-2016
University of California, Los Angeles
Junior Graduate Student Representative
Shena’s research interests center around the ways in which education policies and practices are racialized and gendered. She focuses on the academic experiences of urban Girls of Color, particularly with respect to their college-going trajectory.



Graduate students serve as liaisons between AERA and their campuses across the country by connecting AERA to graduate students, institutions, faculty, and facilitating the conversations held at the annual conference throughout the year. At each institution, these liaisons create and coordinate events of interest for AERA Division G members. We have also created structures for sustaining for future campus liaison members (e.g. documents that explain how the campus liaison role is defined, creating a welcome packet, highlighting events other campuses have offered, etc.).  We are planning our annual Campus Liaison Reception for the 2018 annual meeting. During this reception, all current, past and future campus liaisons from all Divisions will be able to meet up, get more information, and share best practices

Brownell-Headshot.jpgCassie J. Brownell |
Michigan State University
Campus Liaisons, Chair
As a former urban elementary teacher in post-Katrina New Orleans, Cassie’s scholarship attends to issues of social equity, educational justice, and culturally sustaining perspectives in literacy amidst the challenges of today’s society. As a critical literacies educator, she takes an interdisciplinary approach to research as she interrogates how writing with a variety of communicative resources (e.g., visuals, audio, material items) facilitates new spaces for human diversities.


Eric Ambroso | ericambroso@gmail.comPhoto
Arizona State University
Campus Liaisons, Representative

Eric’s research focuses on language policies and their impact on the educational experiences of immigrants, refugees, and asylees in the United States.



Jeremiah Sataraka |
Washington State Universityunnamed
Campus Liaisons, Representative

Jeremiah Sataraka is pursuing a Ph.D. in Cultural Studies and Social Thought in Education. He is a teaching assistant in the College of Education at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. His research interests include conceptualizing an Oceanic Critical Race Theory, educational equity, and social justice in K-12 classrooms.



The mentoring subcommittee is planning a Mentoring Pre-Conference program (MPP) to take place the first day of the 2018 Annual Meeting in New York. Currently, we are targeting graduate students at various stages in their respective programs. This half-day workshop is designed to provide resources for graduate students and facilitate relationships with faculty, helping to create a network of mentors to troubleshoot issues and contact for support.

Angel Nash |
University of VirginiaAMN Arches copy.png
Mentoring, Chair
Angel centers her work on the education and empowerment of Black girls in K-12 settings. Her experience and research in educational administration galvanize her commitment to ensuring that all students have equitable access to educational opportunities.

Kevin Clay |
Rutgers UniversityHeadshot.jpg
Mentoring, Chair
Kevin is a fifth year doctoral candidate in Education at Rutgers University. He facilitates youth participatory action research (YPAR) with a group of high school students, where they research local, national, and global problems, and develop plans to make interventions in the students’ community. Kevin’s experiences in this setting form the basis of his dissertation research where he investigates how young people negotiate political orientations on matters of race, class, and inequality.

Lindsay Jarratt |
University of Iowa
Jarratt headshot 09-17
Mentoring, Representative
 Lindsay’s research interests focus on the role educational systems play in the production and maintenance of social dominance, implicit and explicit transmission of power and ownership in learning ecologies, and capacities of education to resist or transform systems of oppression. Her current research examines the narrative of refugees created and conveyed in U.S. high school curricula.


Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 10.52.53 AMRenata Love Jones |
 Boston College
Mentoring, Representative

Bio coming shortly.



Our committee is facilitating nationwide discussions between faculty and graduate students concerning the relationship between educational processes and the social contexts of education in which they occur. We continue our webinar series, providing graduate students with opportunities throughout the year to have these conversations with scholars whose work and research focus on the social contexts of education. In addition, through our annual survey, we reach out to our graduate student members to help Division G better understand how to serve our community of scholars.

AMheadshot.jpgAdam Musser |
University of California, Davis
Student Outreach and Technology, Chair
Adam’s research questions address the force of systemic white supremacy in curriculum and instruction, interrogating how schools and teachers maintain structures of racism and inequity. He is interested in anticolonial and humanizing educational research which starts with communities’ needs and desires.


Eliana Castro |
Michigan State Universityunnamed
Student Outreach and Technology, Representative

Eliana’s research interests integrate ethno-racial identity, urban contexts, and social studies teacher education. She focuses on the representations of Black and Brown figures in history and hopes to promote critical consciousness among preservice teachers.


Carolina Elizabeth Silva |
Washington State Universityheadshot
Student Outreach and Technology Representative

Carolina’s research centers the experiences of undocumented youth in non-urban school settings and the notion of undocumented intelligence. Her current research investigates how the K-12 schooling narratives of undocumented students influence their participation in immigrant youth movements. .

For more information about Division G events follow us:


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