Graduate Student Committee

Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee 


The Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee consists of three subcommittees: (1) Campus Liaisons (CL); (2) Mentoring (MT); and (3) Student Outreach & Technology (SOT). Each subcommittee works hard to meet the needs of graduate students across the country and around the world.  Below you can find a brief description of each subcommittee’s goals and information about its members.



Adam Musser |
University of California, Davis
Senior Graduate Student Representative
Adam loves the work of this committee and is honored to be a part of it. His research interests are informed by sociocultural theories of literacy and learning and are focused on the transformative potential of young people’s critical literacy practices. His current research with young writers experiencing incarceration asks how their conceptions of freedom can inform broader projects of education and abolition.

Jamelia Harris |
University of California, Los Angeles
Junior Graduate Student Representativeimage1.jpeg

Jamelia’s research examines the criminalization of Black girls and  highlights the damaging effects of punitive punishments on their education and social-emotional wellbeing. Her current research centers the voices and experiences of Black girls to more deeply understand some specific consequences of punitive school culture to their social and academic relationships with schooling.


Graduate students serve as liaisons between AERA and their campuses across the country by connecting AERA to graduate students, institutions, faculty, and facilitating the conversations held at the annual conference throughout the year. At each institution, these liaisons create and coordinate events of interest for AERA Division G members. We have also created structures for sustaining for future campus liaison members (e.g. documents that explain how the campus liaison role is defined, creating a welcome packet, highlighting events other campuses have offered, etc.).  We are planning our annual Campus Liaison Reception for the 2020 annual meeting. Current, past and future campus liaisons from all Divisions will be able to meet up and share best practices.

Eshe Price| pricee@rowan.eduEshe.JPG
Rowan University
Campus Liaisons, Representative

Eshe’s research interest include quantitative methodologies anchored in critical race theory, also known as QuantCrit. She enjoys quantitative methodologies and would like to use these methods to address racism within the field of education.

Younkyung Hong|
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Campus Liaisons, RepresentativeYoun

Younkyung is excited to invite and connect with diverse members of universities across the country – and possibly beyond this country’s borders – to be active participants in discourses and work in Division G. She believes that educational researchers should take on political endeavors that transcend narrowly defined academic work by appreciating different approaches and perspectives of examining the social contexts involved in education. In this regard, inviting new graduate students and welcoming what they bring to the network – while developing the existing network – is imperative in supporting graduate students’ academic endeavors and various forms of activism. With this in mind, Younkyung is looking forward to collaboratively seeking new possibilities with graduate students in Division G!

Naomi Mae W.| 
University of Michigan
Campus Liaisons, RepresentativeIMG_1421 (2)
My passions for justice, increasing access for minoritized communities, support for graduate students of color, and community organizing has made me so excited to continue this service by joining the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee. The opportunity to work with other graduate scholars across the nation and collaborate on ways to not only engage the community, but also support one another in this journey is truly an honor. The ability to serve so many in such a critical and important division is such an amazing opportunity, and I look forward to uplifting our voice more and building an even stronger Division G community for our advocacy and educational justice efforts.


The mentoring subcommittee is planning a Mentoring Pre-Conference program (MPP) to take place the first day of the 2020 Annual Meeting in New York. Currently, we are targeting graduate students at various stages in their respective programs. This half-day workshop is designed to provide resources for graduate students and facilitate relationships with faculty, helping to create a network of mentors to troubleshoot issues and contact for support.

Hui-Ling Sunshine Malone |
New York University IMG_0225.jpeg
Mentoring, Representative

Hui-Ling S. Malone is a PhD student at New York University in Teaching and Learning, with a focus on urban education. She is a former secondary English teacher who has taught in various communities including Detroit and Los Angeles. Hui-Ling is interested in culturally sustaining pedagogies and critical pedagogy in order to empower students and advance equity in schools. Her research focuses on community centric practices through teaching and learning in hopes of strengthening relationships among students and surrounding school community members to address immediate social issues for the greater good of the collective.

Jennifer Wilmot|
University of Kansas 
Mentoring, RepresentativeJenniferWilmotHeadshot

As a new member of the DivG Graduate Student Executive Committee, I’m excited to join such amazing scholars who are moving educational research and praxis forward in very authentic, innovative, and personal ways. The doctoral process can feel unwieldy at times, but I’ve found the Committee to be a wonderful asset on this journey, consistently providing me with sage advice, mentoring, and tangible resources. I hope to serve my counterparts across the Division in similar ways— contributing to the amassing of resources, offering key insight, amplifying the graduate student presence in DivG, and building a community based on support and reliability. I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve the graduate students of DivG for the next two years.


Our committee is facilitating nationwide discussions between faculty and graduate students concerning the relationship between educational processes and the social contexts of education in which they occur. We continue our webinar series, providing graduate students with opportunities throughout the year to have these conversations with scholars whose work and research focus on the social contexts of education.

Shannon Holder |
University of Connecticut
Student Outreach and Technology, Representative shannon.jpg

Shannon Holder is a fourth-year doctoral student in the Learning, Leadership, and Education Policy Ph.D. program in the Educational Leadership Department at the University of Connecticut.  Shannon received a B.A. in History and a M.T. in Secondary Education from Hampton University. She is originally from Hartford, CT, and prior to starting at UConn, Shannon taught 10th grade government for 8 years.  Due to this experience, she is focused on studying policies that create equitable solutions for students of color.  Shannon’s specific research interests include tracking/detracking, desegregation, and school choice options for urban students.  Her current research focuses on the experiences of students, parents, teachers, and other stakeholders in the midst of their school’s detracking implementation.

Stephanie Jones|
Northwestern University
Student Outreach and Technology, Representative Stephanie Cropped

I am looking forward to the opportunity to work with burgeoning scholars on work that pushes the field towards more critical praxis and pedagogy. As an engineer, I had never imagined there were ways such beautiful and challenging ways of explaining my experience, and I look forward to being able to share this with others. As a member of this committee, I hope to serve this community by supporting conversation around the political and ethical questions of technology use for learning.

Kriya Velasco |
University of Washington, Seattle
Student Outreach and Technology, Representative kriya.velasco.headshot (1)

I am delighted to be joining the DivG Graduate Student Executive Committee as a member of the Student Outreach and Technology subcommittee! I look forward to being part of a stellar team of dreamers, movers, and shakers; helping design programming and services for fellow DivG graduate students; and further elucidating the many facets of the social contexts of education in working toward justice. In particular, I am excited to be expanding and developing current DivG programs on research methodologies (e.g., indigenous and humanizing research), storytelling (I am a fan of Adobe Spark and digital creations), and self care (I practice ashtanga yoga). I bring with me my many stories and identities—graduate student, educator, queer, Filipinx American, and immigrant, among others—and hope to create lifelong connections with the many wonderful people of DivG.

Cierra Kaler-Jones|
University of Maryland, College Park
Student Outreach and Technology, Representative Kaler-Jones_headshot

I’m so excited about the opportunities and power that lie ahead in connecting with graduate students across the country while serving Division G. I look forward to creating spaces, both virtually and in person, for connection and deep conversation to provide solutions to the educational challenges we work to change in this world. Through the Student Outreach & Technology Committee, I cannot wait to participate in and facilitate national conversations grounded in on-going and intentional learning with faculty and graduate students about educational processes and the social contexts they operate in. This opportunity enables me to create meaningful relationships with and among scholars and graduate students who are at the forefront of challenging, disrupting, and critically examining the ways that social context affects our policy, practice, and research, and vice versa. We will work together to forge new paths, produce impactful and meaningful research, and honor and celebrate multiple ways of knowing and being.

For more information about Division G and for updates on events, follow us:

Twitter: @AERADivision G

Facebook: AERA Division G Students: Social Context of Education

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