Call for AERA Division G Student Committee Members

We are currently looking for four (4) members to join the Division G Graduate Student Committee. The Graduate Student Committee is in charge of outreach and involvement of graduate student members in the division. This position is a great way to network with other graduate students in diverse institutions interested in Social Contexts of Education, collaborate with Division G officers and get involved in graduate student events at the AERA Annual Meeting.

If interested, please submit a current CV and a 1-page statement describing why you are interested in this position, any previous service to student organizations, and ways that you consider you can support this committee to by June 15, 2012 11:59 PST.


– Plan AERA events for undergraduate and graduate students in Division G,

– Work on subcommittees of your choice, including recruitment, outreach, mentoring and communication

– Assist in editing and composition of committee records and documentation

– Assist Division G graduate student representatives in other endeavors


– Must be a current paid Division G member at time of application

– Must be able to make a 2-year commitment to the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee

– Must be available for one hour conference-call (via SKYPE) meetings at least twice a month

– Must be willing to work with other student members at different institutions across the country (via Skype)

We look forward to hearing from you!

3 thoughts on “Call for AERA Division G Student Committee Members

  1. What is involved in making a two-year committment to the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee? Would travel be required for meetings outside of the AERA conference?

    1. Hi Jonathan, I don’t think travel is required, at least we did not do it when I was in the Committee. All meetings were via Skype. You will collaborate in specific initiatives (mentoring, outreach, social media, etc); tasks are divided among members. Is this accurate Erika? I think only the junior and senior Rep travel.

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