We are currently looking for 4 graduate students to join the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee. The Graduate Student Executive Committee is in charge of outreach and involvement of graduate student members in the division. Our division is committed to examining processes of teaching and learning within social contexts. Such examinations take under consideration social, cultural, political, discourse, and economic influences. These complex views of teaching and learning provide a context in which to shed light on the ways in which significant social and technological change shapes our educational research, policy, and practices. We encourage graduate students to apply who are interested in the ways in which the new knowledge economies operate to include and exclude, embrace and marginalize, offer access and create barriers for learning in formal and informal contexts.

Being on the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee is a great way to network with other graduate students in diverse institutions interested in Social Contexts of Education.  It is also a great opportunity to collaborate with Division G officers and shape graduate student events at the AERA Annual Meeting.

Interested applicants should submit a current CV and a 1-page statement describing your skills, prior experiences, and ability to execute tasks in alignment with the Division and the Graduate Student Executive Committee goals.  Please email your CV and 1-page statement to by June 15, 2014 11:59 PST.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Plan AERA events for undergraduate and graduate students in Division G
  • Co-lead a subcommittee in either Student Outreach & Technology or Mentoring
  • Work with co-existing Campus Liaison sub committee
  • Assist in editing and in the composition of committee records and documentation

Requirements Include:

  • Must be a current paid Division G member at time of application
  • Must be able to make a 2-year commitment to the Division G Graduate Student Executive Committee
  • Must be available for one hour conference-call (via Skype or other technological platform) meetings at least twice a month
  • Must be able to dedicate time outside of the monthly meetings to accomplish the work of the Student Outreach & Technology or Mentoring sub-committees
  • Must be willing to work with other student members at different institutions across the country (via Skype or other technological platforms)

Sub-committee Descriptions

Student Outreach & Technology:

  • Continue visibility and online presence of Division G (via Twitter, WordPress Blog, etc.)
  • Create online learning opportunities (i.e. screencasts) that pertain to the annual meeting, Division G foci areas, etc
  • Consider the development of an online space for students interested in participating in Division G as a means to offer feedback, network, and share their research interests


  • Develop a mentor/mentee forum for faculty members and graduate students to establish long-term mentor/mentee relationships between faculty members and graduate students
  • Communicate with other Div-G mentoring liaisons to organize, plan, and execute at least one event at the annual AERA conference


We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about Division G at

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