Call for Book Chapter Proposals from International Scholars

Call for Book Chapter Proposals from International Scholars

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers has issued a contract for the 2016 publication of International Perspectives on Women In Educational Leadership International scholars and practitioners whose work reflects a broad range of perspectives on women in educational leadership are invited to submit chapter proposals. Elizabeth C. Reilly, Professor of Educational Leadership at Loyola Marymount University and Diane E. Reed, Associate Professor at St. John Fisher College, will co-edit the book. The tentative themes of each section are as follows, but the editors and publisher are open to others: • Philosophical and Theoretical Perspectives on Women in Educational Leadership • Cultural, Social, and Political Factors Affecting Women in Educational Leadership • Recruiting, Preparing, and Mentoring Women Leaders • Resilient and Persistent Women Leaders • Untold Challenges Facing Women Educational Leaders • Re-imagining Women in Educational Leadership Please send a proposal of no more than 2,000 words (excluding references) that addresses the following: 1. Overview of Chapter: Include the proposed title, a brief description of the theme you are addressing or proposing, and any other relevant information to set the context. 2. Preliminary Outline: Include an outline of the proposed chapter. 3. References: Provide selected references that you may include in the chapter. 4. Discussion of Expertise: Include brief biographies of each proposed author and their selected, recent publications. (The last 2-5 years are sufficient.)

The proposal submission is due May 15, 2015, and notification of acceptance will be June 15, 2015. Tentative deadline for accepted and completed book chapters is November 15, 2015. Send inquiries and completed proposals to Elizabeth C. Reilly at

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