Webinar Wednesday! Join us on March 21.

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Please join us Wednesday, March 21, (2p EST; 11aPST) for a discussion with three scholars on immigration, education, and advocacy in the current sociopolitical climate. You can also follow and contribute to the conversation on Twitter using #divgchat.

Thank you to our participating scholars for their generosity and work! In the next few days we will highlight select pieces of their scholarship below.

Dr. Sophia Rodriguez | University of North Carolina at Greensboro

  • Rodriguez, S. (2018). “Risky” Subjects: Theorizing migration as risk and implications for newcomers in schools and societies. European Education. 50(1), 6-26.
  • Rodriguez, S. & Monreal, T. (2017). “This state is racist.”: Policy problematization and undocumented youth experiences in the New Latino South. Educational Policy, 31(6), 764–800.
  • Rodriguez, S. (2017). “People hide, but I’m here. I count.”:  Examining undocumented youth identity formation in an urban community-school. Educational Studies, 53(5), 468-491.

Alonso R. Reyna Rivarola | University of Utah

  •  Castrellón, L. E., Reyna Rivarola, A. R., & López, G.R. (forthcoming). When ICE came to town: Separating families and disrupting educational trajectories. In E. N. Bonney, E. Crawford & L. Dorner (Eds.), School leadership in times of change: Case studies on leadership for im/migrant communities. Routledge.
  • Reyna Rivarola, A. R. (2017). “Undocumented” ways of navigating complex sociopolitical realities in higher education: A critical race counterstory. Journal of Critical Scholarship on Higher Education and Student Affairs, 3(1), 101-125. Retrieved from http://ecommons.luc.edu/jcshesa/vol3/iss1/6

Carolina Valdivia |  Harvard University

  •  Wong, Tom K., Angela Garcia, and Carolina Valdivia. In Press. “The Political Incorporation of Undocumented Youth.” Social Problems.
  • Valdivia, Carolina. 2015. “DREAMer Activism: Challenges and Opportunities.” In Undocumented Latino Youth: Navigating Their Worlds, Marisol Clark-Ibañez, Editor. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers.
  • Wong, Tom K and Carolina Valdivia. 2014. “In Their Own Words: A Nationwide Survey of Undocumented Millennials.” Working Paper 191. Center for Comparative Immigration Studies.

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