Announcing URBAN – Community-based scholars meeting at AERA

Sunday, April 15, 2.15-3.45pm., Pan Pacific Hotel, room Oceanview 6

Dear colleagues,

A group of scholars and activists, with the support of SAGE Publications, have been working this past year to create URBAN, a diverse network of activist scholars who are working with community groups. The main purpose of the network is to contribute to the advancement of this kind of engaged scholarship within our universities, as well as fostering interdisciplinary and collaborative research. For education researchers, URBAN offers a chance for us to connect to each other as well as across disciplinary and policy boundaries to activist scholars working in community organizing and development, public health, urban and environmental planning, housing and economic development, and other areas.

For those of you who might be interested, we will be holding a meeting at the AERA conference on Sunday, April 15, 2.15-3.45pm in Pan Pacific Hotel, room Oceanview 6. So far, the network has nodes in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago, Austin and NYC, and we are hoping to expand it to other places. At our AERA meeting we would like to explore how URBAN could be most useful for activist scholars, what arenas of exchange it might make sense to create (an online space, a journal, convenings, etc.), and what other people we should reach out to expand the network.

Attached please find a concept paper laying out the main ideas about URBAN. We look forward to seeing you at AERA.

For more information, please contact Patricia Molina Costa

Best regards,
Mark R. Warren, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Shawn Ginwright, San Francisco State University
Karen L. Mapp, Harvard Graduate School of Education
John Rogers, UCLA
Dayna Cunningham, URBAN coordinator and director of the MIT Community Innovators Lab

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